Mathcad 15
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Mathcad 15

[Hình: 5546mc15300x300.jpg]

Mathcad 15 | 639.09 MB
According to the official release, "Mathcad 15.0 includes over 25 new functions, more robust reference libraries and integration with third-party tools, including the latest version of Microsoft Excel. Additionally, the Mathcad 15.0 integration with existing engineering platforms like Pro/ENGINEER?, as well as with PTC?s Windchill? solutions, Windchill PDMLink? and Windchill ProductPoint?, enables better management of critical engineering content, making it easier to share and reuse information leading to standardization and best practices." More than three years have passed since Mathcad 14 was released in the beginning of 2007.

Some new features in Mathcad 15 include:
? Mathcad 15 is Windows 7 compatible (officially supported on Windows7)
? Design of Experiments (DoE) ? Over 25 new functions to reduce the time and expense of conducting experiments using DoE.
? Data link for the latest versions of Microsoft Excel? ? Mathcad functions include READEXCEL(), WRITEEXCEL(), READFILE, an Excel data import wizard and an Excel Add-in.
? Integration to Knovel? Math content ? (more information below).
? Integration with Kornucopia? software ? Reduce time and effort spent on analysis by providing functions and templates using Mathcad-based documented workflows. Improves interpretations and value of experimental data and simulation results.

homepage - language and platform support, system requirements, related resources, etc.
Mathcad Community

1. Mount file "zptcmc15.CUE" with any emulator (Daemon Tools, Alcohol ...)
2. If installation doesn't start automatically start file "setup.exe", that is in virtual device. Don't let Mathcad reach Internet. Setup will continue. Select "Next". Accept the Agreement.
3. Choose "Mathcad" to be installed, then "Acquire a new license", choose a type of installation and click "Next". Installation will start.
4. When "Welcome To Mathcad 15.0" screen appears, choose "I want to acquire license via Internet", then "I want a trial license". In the next screen "Create ***" click "Cancel" and confirm exiting License Setup.
5. Installation will continue. Let it finish. If error message appears, choose "Ignore".
6. At the end - "Next" and "Exit". Confirm exiting PTC setup.
7. Open "Crack" folder in virtual device. Get Crack.rar and unrar it.
8. Copy cracked mathcad.exe over original. Confirm replacing.
That's all. No need to restart.

Code: 15.part1.rar 15.part2.rar 15.part3.rar

Code: 15.part1.rar 15.part2.rar 15.part3.rar
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